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The Ritch Life

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Family Vacation and 7 Weeks Old!

So we took our first family vacation over the July 4th weekend. We ended up going to the mountains for a week and my (Merrissa's) parents came for the weekend. It was tough packing for two people, a baby and a cute dog but luckily it all fit in the car! We had a blast but were very tired by Monday. I think Tobi really liked the mountains although it did mess with his sleep schedule. While we were at the mountains Tobi turned 7 weeks old, my Mom took a million pictures..ok well close to it but she loves it and who wouldn't want a picture of Tobi, and Tobi started smiling. It warmed this Mama's heart to see her baby boy look at her and smile. We hung out in town and drove through the parkway looking at God's beautiful creation. We also went to an Elk reserve and got to see the beautiful Elk. We took some pictures in our red, white and blue in honor of the fourth of July. Also in honor of the fourth we selected a fabric with fireworks on it for Tobi's 7 week picture. So here is his 7 week photo:

Isn't the fabric awesome! As I am writing the post my son as already turned 8 weeks old and will be two months old on Thursday..but that is another post. My mom took some fantastic pictures of us at the mountains but I don't have them yet but here is some that I took:

My Dad being silly:

Tobi's riding in the cart at Walmart:

Tobi sucking his thumb for the first time:

Well we had a blast in the mountains and another post will follow with Tobi's 8 week photo.

Take care,
Michael, Merrissa, & Tobi

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