The Ritch Life

The Ritch Life

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tobi is 2 weeks old!

Today Tobi is 2 weeks old. It is so hard to believe that we have had our own special gift for 2 weeks now. I love him so much. Michael and I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby today and it is perfect for his photo today. Here is his 2 week photo:

This week was a pretty productive week. We had a weight check on Wednesday and Tobi has gained 4 oz. He is now 6.7 lbs. He has also started to eat 3 oz at every feeding instead of 2. He is such a great eater! Tobi has also been sleeping very well.

Last night Tobi had his very first bath. He did not like it very much. I guess I wouldn't either if I was that cold. Oh well here is some pictures of Tobi taking his first bath.

Well that's whats going on in the lives of the Ritchs this week. Until later! Take care!

Michael, Merrissa, & Tobi

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tobi is 1 week old!

So I meant to post this on Saturday but life happened. My wonderful parents, sister and nephew came up on Saturday and hung out. It was a fun day. So I have decided to document Tobi's weekly progress by taking pictures of him in a white onesie on different kinds of fabric. Now I can't say that I came up with this idea I actually saw it on my favorite blog Young House Love. The idea was perfect especially for a sewing nerd like me! Anyway at the end of this journey I plan to make a quilt for Tobi using all of the fabrics from his photo shoots. So here is week 1:

More pictures to come!

Take care,
Michael, Merrissa & Tobi

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The First Five Days

Well life has definitley changed for the Ritch family over the last five days. Tobi has been doing well although Gabby is having a hard time not getting Mom and Dad's attention. Yesterday Tobi's umbilical cord fell off which is great! We also went to the doctor's office for the first time. Tobi has gained and ounce since we left the hospital. Last night Tobi had his best night ever. He slept after every feeding which meant we got some much needed sleep. I can't get over how blessed I am. It still seems so surreal to me that I am a Mom. He is so beautiful and he's just as healthy as he can be. All I can do is stare at his beautiful little face. I love our life as a party of 3.

Michael, Merrissa, & Tobi

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Party of Two Becomes a Party of Three

So the past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind of emotions. On Friday April 29th we got a call from our adoption agency about a baby and after tons of waiting we finally got the call on Cinco de Mayo that she chose us to adopt her baby boy. It was the best day of our life...honestly the days leading up the that day was full of emotions and sleepless nights. Well we found out that she was due on May 18th! That didn't give us very much time. Our wonderful Sunday school class threw us an impromptu shower on Mother's Day so we could have some supplies. They are a great support system and have been with us through this whole journey. I don't know what we would have done without them. Well we trudged along going to work waiting and waiting for our son to be born. On Saturday May 14th at 4am we got the call that our son was being born and by 7:51am he was here. So we packed up the car and drove to the beach to meet our son for the first time.

The hospital staff was awesome and let us stay there so we could bond with our son. All the official stuff happen on Sunday and we brought him home on Monday. So world meet our son Tobias Bennett (Tobi). We love him so much already. Well enough talking here some more pictures of our son.

More to come.
Take care!
Michael, Merrissa & Tobi