The Ritch Life

The Ritch Life

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Story

Hi! We are Michael and Merrissa and welcome to our blog. We are in the process of adopting out first child. We are excited and scared but also know that God is in control and He has led us to this path and on this journey. We feel so blessed to be adopting and hope that others will feel God tugging at their hearts. This is our journey. The road may be long but when we have our little one in our arms we know it will be worth the wait. Here is how it all began:

We always knew that we wanted to adopt we just thought we would adopt after we had our own children. God had other plans!!! He tugged on our hearts and last Spring we began setting aside some money to pay for the adoption. We didn't know what God had in store for us. We decided to go on a missions trip last summer to Belize. Months before during a planning meeting one of the ladies that was going had to back out because she said she had birthmoms delievering that week. I asked her what she did and she said that she ran an adoption agency. Thank you Lord!! You work in mysterious ways. We met with her after we got back from Belize more fired up then ever. Every fiber of my being knew that this was the right way for us to start our family. After that initial meeting the money saving began. By the end of November we had all of the money saved and turned in our life story!! There was so much paperwork to fill out and the questions were hard but we made it through. After getting our fingerprints done and physicals and filling out more paperwork it was time to wait to hear from our social worker. We were so excited to finally have a date for our home study. After Christmas we became crazy people cleaning every square inch of our small home to prepare for the home study. No amount of book reading could prepare you for this. We didn't know what to expect. December 30th was finally here. In walked our social worker and plopped herself on our couch with her laptop and begin "grilling" us. She was so nice!! I feel like we had a really great connection with her. Although she didn't take a tour of our home it was nice to have it so clean. Now all we have left to do is wait for the home study to be completed and then wait for the CALL!! Oh yeah and we have to finish the scrapbook.

We know God has great plans for us. We feel the hardest part now is for us to wait. Everything is done and the waiting must begin. Other than getting the nursery ready. We will post some pictures soon.

Take Care,
Michael and Merrissa