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The Ritch Life

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Photos, Birthday Parties, College Football, and Sewing!

**Readers beware there are a lot of photos!!**

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks. School is going smoothly and I can't believe we are already into the month of September. I also can't believe that Tobi will be 4 months old in 11 days. Today was a fun and exciting day. First we went to Charlotte to buy some clay for school because that was cheaper than shipping it. Then we went to Old Navy to find a Mr. Potato Head lunch box (which Michael's students swore they had) but they were out instead we walked out with these awesome shoes for Tobi:

Aren't they precious! He looks so cute in them. Here is a picture of Tobi in his shoes:

Our son is so cute!! After our trip to Old Navy we headed down to our friend's Joe and Laura's house for their son Noah's 2nd birthday party. It was really cute. The theme was Dr. Suess and even the food was in Dr. Suess inspired plus there was a bouncy house which Tobi was too small to get in but this Mama wasn't!! THankful there were no pictures taken of the moms playing in the bouncy house. Laura even went to the trouble to make all the kids a birthday hat with their name on it. I was going to take a picture of Tobi with his Suess inspired outfit and hat but he wasn't having it and then he spit up all over his outfit. Oh well. After naps and chicken nuggets we geared up for college football. One really great sign that fall is on the way. Tobi had a Gamecock onesie on the other day but I only remembered to take a picture of him sleeping with it on. I got some close up shots of his butt and chunky legs because they looked so cute.

Go Gamecocks! Well we had another photoshoot today with Tobi decked out in Georgia gear. There was definitly a proud papa! Here is some of the better shots:

Although I am not a Georgia fan I must say my guys look pretty darn cute! So after Tobi went to bed tonight I got to sew one of my favorite things to do! And what am I sewing...why matching bowties for the boys! Tobi's is on a white onesie and I made Michael a matching bowtie. Pictures to come since they will be sporting them tomorrow at church. Since I didn't post this last night here are the pictures of my two handsome boys:

I feel like this post is just full of information probably because I can't seem to get it together to write on this thing regularly. Anyway here is what Tobi is doing now:
1. Starting to laugh
2. Grabbing his feet
3. Smiling when I tell him good morning
4. Talking a lot
5. Drooling a lot
6. He is holding up his head great!

Here are some pictures of my little cutie pie grabbing his feet:

So I will leave you with with some more cute pictures of Tobi and his weekly photos (week 15 and week 16).

Here is one final picture of Tobi with his new favorite toy given to him by his Nana:

Until later,


  1. Love the photos Merrissa! Tobi is so adorable! Isn't blogging awesome? <3

  2. This was so much fun! Love the bowties! That pic will be a treasure. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

    May your family continue to be blessed!