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The Ritch Life

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tobi is 4 months old!

On Wednesday Tobi turned 4 months old. It's hard to believe that we have this precious little angel in out lives. We went to the doctor for his four month check up on Thursday and everything looks great. He moved up to the 25th percentile in weight which is exciting but is still in the 5th percentile for height and head circumference. Anyway here is our sweet baby in his four month picture:

So sweet. Tobi had to get two shots on Thursday and he was not happy about it. He actually ran a fever yesterday and I had to call the doctor. Everything is fine today other than being a little extra fussy he seems to be getting back to his normal sweet self.

Last Saturday Tobi turned 17 weeks old. To celebrate this exciting time we went shopping. Just kidding there were two big consignment sales going on last weekend so we went to both. One on Friday and one on Saturday. We got him so new books, a pair of shoes and a cute sweater vest outfit. The greatest thing we got from visiting the consignment store on Friday was this:
That's right folks we are attempting cloth diapers. I had researched them a lot at the beginning of the the year because I was interested in trying them. Well when Tobi came things just didn't work out to start them but on Friday we ran into a student and her mom selling new cloth diapers at the consignment sale as part of her business. They are super cute. We are hoping to get some more of them soon. But look at our little man in his diaper:
He is just too cute for words. We have tried them already and like them a lot. Michael even change a poop diaper. We are definitly going to need to buy some more to be more consistant. Next pay check perhaps or any donations will be greatly accepted! Just kidding! Anyway here is Tobi at 17 weeks:
We chose the picture of him grabbing his feet because it is what he does all the time now. We also put together his Baby Einstein jumpy thing last weekend which he is loving now that he can grab all the toys:
Today Tobi turned 18 weeks and so we took his weekly picture and also did his footprints on the canvas that Lauren gave us for his 4 months to show a time line of his growth. Here is Tobi's 18 week picture:
Well nothing too much happening today except a great day for college football. Here are a few random pictures to end this post on.
Take Care!

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