The Ritch Life

The Ritch Life

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 12 weeks..and 10..and 11 to Tobi!

Ok I need to say to all five of my devoted readers that things have been crazy these last few weeks as we prepare to go back to school. We have been renovating our bathrooms and on top of that trying to see all the family before we are in school for a while. So here is Tobi's last three weeks of photos:

I can't believe how big he is getting! It's hard to imagine that in a week from tomorrow Tobi will be three months old. I am sad that I have to go back to school but also excited!! I have looked at my rosters and I have a lot of my kids again!! We have hired a nanny to watch Tobi at our house while we work but you better believe I am going to be out the door as soon as I can leave. Anyway we have been hard at work here in the Ritch house. Today for example we made a big purchase!!! No hints I will post a picture next week when it arrives at our house. Well I know that some of you are dying for a before and after picture of the bathroom and all we did so here it is:

We had already painted the walls a sky blue which brightened up the small space. We also replaced the builder grade mirror with something that has a little more character. We plan to the same things to the master bath but haven't gotten around to it. But back to the current list of to dos:
First we took the ugly brass light fixture and used oil rubbed bronze spray paint to see if we can make it look better without having to totally replace it.

I think it turned out well! I am so impressed with what a little spray paint can do. After tackling the fixtures I went to work on the the floors. We found some peel and stick tiles from Lowe's that looked like travertine for only $11 a box. I am a novice when it comes to this but I think it turned out well. Michael also fixed the toliet and volia the new bathroom:

Well that's all for now! I am tired and there is church tomorrow. Until later.

Take Care,

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