The Ritch Life

The Ritch Life

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tobi is 6 weeks old!

Today Tobi turned 6 weeks old. It's hard to believe that he has already been in our lives that long. Anyway here is his 6 week photo:

It's been a busy week here in the Ritch house. Sunday was Michael's first Father's Day and also Tobi's first time in nursery. It was a nice day we went to lunch at O'Charlie's and came home and had a relaxing day in. I will have pictures later of Tobi and his Dad and the present Tobi made for him.

Michael and I also decided to make a plan for the summer to get some stuff accomplished. We hope to put our house on the market by the end of the year because we need more room. Our plan for this week was to make sure the nursery got put into order. First that meant going through all the gifts and returning/organizing some things. Once we got that accomplished we realized we really needed to put a new organization system into the closet because the old one didn't make too much sense. So off to Lowe's we went to purchase two shelves. Michael installed them while I looked after Tobi. I totally forgot to take a before shot but I will post an after shot later. So here is what the nursery looks like currently:

Still a work in progress but we are getting there. Not only did we return some things this week but also purchased some things. One big purchase was breathable bumper to put in Tobi's crib. So now we have started to put Tobi in his crib for some nap time. We are going to wait until we get a monitor before we put him in there for the night. Here is Tobi in his crib:

We also got him a new pacifier that has a frog on the end and it is so cute! Here are some pictures with him and his new friend:

We have also spent some time talking to MeMe on Skype and Tobi is so funny looking wide eyed at the screen. The other night he was tired while we were talking and all of a sudden he fell a sleep in such a funny position here is a picture:

Thursday Michael and I celebrate four wonderful years of marriage. We spent the day at Concord Mills and bought some outfits for Tobi then had a nice seafood dinner at Red Lobster. It was a great day spending time as a family. I married such a wonderful man. He is an awesome hubby and a wonderful father. Love you hubby!! Anyway that is all for now! I promise I will try to write more frequently.

Take Care,
Michael, Merrissa, & Tobi

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