The Ritch Life

The Ritch Life

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I intended to write in this blog everyday or at least every other day but life has taken over. I do have some updates our homestudy is offically done we are just waiting for our copy. We are hoping to meet with our adoption lady on Friday to hand over our scrapbook. That's right we are done!!. We our so excited to be getting the nursery together. I am putting up some pictures of the nursery or what i looks like so far. Today we decided to go to Target and walk around...and guess what we bought???? A CRIB!!! I am so excited! Not only did we get the crib on sale but it came with a FREE mattress. It was awesome. I will be honest though lately it has been very hard for me to still be childless. But with some reminding from my hubby God is in control and he already has the child picked out and ready for us just in his perfect timing.

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